Integrated Scheduling Solutions

Recruit and Schedule the Right Candidates Quickly

Scheduling interviews, either in-person or virtually, can take up precious time. Arrangr keeps this scheduling activity in its proper lane - so you don't neglect the maintaining of your client relationships

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Multiple Scheduling Pages

Set up one for yourself for clients and/or per job opening.

Integrated Calendar

Integrate your calendar to keep all your meeting clear and to save time be it Apple iCal, Google Calendar or Microsoft Office/365.

Temporary Placeholders 

Activate temporary calendar placeholder so there will be no chance of double booking.

Integrated Video Conferencing for Interviewing Candidates

Best of breed Video Conferencing is built into Arrangr's DNA. Fully integrate Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, GoToMeeting or anything else you like to keep your scheduling activities simple and clear.

Outbound Meeting Invites

Arrangr was also built around the proactive meeting invitation as sometime you just cannot wait for the meeting to come to you.

You only have one chance to make a great impression to a client or candidate

Scheduling is about simplicity, easy, and full clarity. Meetings are essential, and the last thing someone needs is chaos or confusion when setting up or acknowledging an meeting invitation. 

Arrangr gets that. Full stop. 

We have built a Scheduling Application that brings you back to your work at hand fast, with complete confidence that the meeting will get coordinated and happen without trouble.

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